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Brazebinder Brazebinder is a thick 'gel' type hydrocarbon based product used as a carrier for mixing with braze alloy powders and/or fluxes to make an easily dispensable paste. Brazebinder offers the following advantages over other carriers (primarily water based):

  • Brazebinder is very viscous, so no settling of the metal powder or flux occurs; the resultant paste is very homogeneous.
  • Brazebinder is 'slippery', hence can be easily dispensed through syringes or automatic paste dispensers to make a bead at the joint edges.
  • Brazebinder is non-reactive with flux or metal powder.
  • Brazebinder is clean burning and virtually leaves no residue.
  • Brazebinder is economical , only a small amount of Brazebinder need to mixed with metal powder or metal powder plus flux combination.
Applications of Brazebinder are as follows:
Steel Brazing:
Mix Brazebinder with Copper powder to make a paste. The paste can then be applied through syringes or automatic paste dispensing machines in a bead form (about 1 mm diameter). Braze in cracked ammonia or Hydrogen atmosphere.

Copper Brazing:
Mix Brazebinder with Cu-P powder and braze Cu (mainly radiators) in belt furnace.

Brazing Pastes:
Mix Brazebinder with Silver brazing powder and flux to make a paste. Apply the paste as described above then torch braze. Very useful in joining complex assemblies where use of rods or performs are difficult.

Dispensable Fluxes:
Mix Brazebinder with our specially formulated powder flux to make a paste. This paste is used in automatic brazing machines.

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